Wednesday, January 6, 2010

N is for Never

Never forget where you came from.
It's people like Gary Vaynerchuk who stay relate-able and exciting that also stay successful.

Never give up.
Gary embraces his humble beginning and acknowledges that there really is no "easy" way to become and remain successful in our fast paced world.

Never miss out on an opportunity
because you are afraid of the word "NO".
The word "No" is a tricky one to use; knowing when you are supposed to say it and knowing how to handle it when it is said to you. Do not let doubt get in the way of your awesome message. (Make sure you have one.)

Never stop learning.
In the virtual business world, once you get to the point to where you are set in your ways - it's sad to say, but you might be replaced by the newest “upgrade”. Human beings are the most complex creatures with an incredible ability to adapt to our environment…if we choose to.

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