Monday, May 11, 2015


ABC Blocks

The ABC's for

Work at Home Parents 

Why am I writing this? 

By: Amber Whitener

Rewriting Began - May 11, 2015
Version 3.0 in blog form @ (If a post has been updated to my 3.0, it will be noted.)

What You'll Find Here: I must begin this interactive ebook/blog with a little disclaimer. I can make you no promise of money or success by reading this ebook. My objective is to write a how-to that is simplified and up-to-date for anyone who is investing any time or money into the options available to make money online. The internet business world changes all the time, so much changes so fast. The good part about this is that you have many opportunities to dive in. However, if you get nothing more from this book than the following sentence I will feel good about my contribution to your journey. Be skeptical until you know everything.

Credit Where It Is Due: These are my words, my hours, and my advise. If you want to share it, I only ask that you give credit where it due. The information shared in these entries are not to be copied and sold for profit or distributed for any other personal gain. This information is real, honest, and free provided to get you on your individual path to your online career potential. I am not a career advisor, I have just known so many brilliant people online who deserve a chance to share their ability to grow a better global business network. It has to be done one person at a time. There is no one business plan that fits all.

Q: Why do I care?

A: Because I am just like you. 

More On That: If I had been skeptical myself, I would likely not have made nearly as many mistakes as I have and would be much further than I am seven years into the "work at home" life. I have worked with lots of Virtual Assistants, both local and across the globe and the rules remain the same... Anyone can post testimonials online and post someone's picture next to it or post screenshots of their work in some e-folio somewhere. However, the proof is in the pudding. And in the virtual world, the pudding is live references and backlinks to and from great content.  

This has been written with the intent of educating stay at home moms and dads about real virtual business. There are way too many scammers and ponzi schemers on a feeding frenzy of the naive and inexperienced. They promise to sell you their “secrets” or stocked warehouses of "stuff" so you can start your own business and make money without having to have any prior experience doing whatever it is they are trying to push you into doing. But here’s the thing, the only people making all this "easy money" are the criminals pushing the schemes. Just because someone can afford to have a television commercial broadcast or a pretty website developed, does not mean they are a legitimate business.