Wednesday, September 23, 2009

D is for Documentation

Setting up your virtual filing system for all of your job listing interests, e-books and self written how to’s should be one of the first things you do when beginning online job research.

google accounts
I love Google for the very reason that I can use the following tools to keep track of many important business documents:
  1. Google Library Google's book search - with this, I have compiled quite an extensive library of e-books and business articles for small businesses and consulting.

  2. reader Google reader keeps track of blogs I follow. (I recommend following Chris Brogan and CopyBlogger if you're into social media and blogging for business.)

  3. And Google docs help me keep track of important documents. You can read, write, search and share all kinds of helpful office documents and templates.

  4. Google Calendar is a great way to track when, how much and even where you do things. If it is a task you only do quarterly, bi-weekly or annually you should simply setup a recurring reminder!

Keep documents like e-mails that contain vital business information and file them in virtual folders for each client and business partner. The most important part of consulting is keeping track of your time and there are so many tools that can help you organize your information. My advice: try them out.

What tools have you found that work well for you?


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