Sunday, November 22, 2009

J is for the Jobs

There are a number of odd jobs Virtual Assistants end up doing, some are fun and some are kind of tedious. This is a list of jobs that almost any starting out VA or consultant can do. These are the kind of jobs you can do until you find your specialty:

* Data entry
* Editing articles
* Gift orders and/or wish lists
* Remote PC support
* Research target markets for advertisers
* Travel Arrangements
* Setup business facebook profiles,
* Writing articles / freelance writing
* More standard Virtual Assistant services

Experience will teach you how to do these this in the most efficient ways possible. Make your clients happy because they won't have to do these jobs. DON'T take on more than you can handle. Your goal should be to become efficient in a specific area to be able to market yourself and streamline your business. Your clients will be your most valuable source of advertisement.

What titles have you had in the past? This is a list of occupations that quite easily transfer to the virtual world. If the title has a * next to it then it is one of the occupations highlighted in an article dated 7/29/09 called: 10 Best Work at Home Jobs and if you are interested in the options you have doing this job online, simply click on the article link and read more about it.

*Administrative Assistant/Secretary (commonly called Virtual Assistant)
*Call Center Representative
  Chef or Baker (You can make cooking videos on YouTube)
  Criminal Profiler
  Data Entry Specialist
*Franchise Owner
*Freelance Writer/Editor
  Fashion Designer
  Graphic Designer (Artist)
  Historian (e.g. Ancestry)
*Medical Transcriptionist
  Marketing Expert
  Market Researcher
  Project Manager
  Researcher for data of any type
  Social Network Addict (I use "addict" in the lightest sense of the meaning :)
*Technical Support Specialist
  Therapist and Advisors
*Travel Agents
*Web Developer / Designer

Other Valuable Work at Home Articles for Virtual Assistants

10 VA Skills: HOW MANY DO YOU ALREADY HAVE? article date: 9/3/09

Could you be a virtual administrative assistant? article from the "Chicago Sun Times" dated 9/9/2009

The Virtual Assistant A Team: The Helpers to Business Success

This is also an extension of my blog post: Virtual Assistant Jobs


  1. nice article.virtual assistant could really give aide to those people that have more tasks than everybody else. availing this virtual assisting could get your life run a little smoother.
    nice concept on being a VA. having the ability to know the job that’s prescribed by your employer is a good thing. Being a VA for me simply means being a online secretary.

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